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Diagnostic Analysis of the Activity - Effective Management Tool in the Company
With the current globalization nowadays, it requires more and more need for economic and financial indicators by which an organization's management to decide how best and in a short time. Competition increasingly fierce drives managers of companies to carry out extensive work in marketing ... read more
The Relationship between State Aid to R&D and Patent Applications in the Context of the European R&D Expenditure
The present paper aims at providing a contribution to the literature on public expenditure on R&D. According to the assumption that state aid to R&D can represent a relevant incentive for developing innovative activities, measured by patent applications, the paper provides an empir... read more
Study Regarding the Legal, Accounting and Tax Treatment on the Liquidation of the Company
The latest legal regulations which became effective in June 2008, but amended and supplemented up to date, significantly shortened the time required for the deregistration of a company. Winding / liquidation procedure may be voluntary or required by circumstances. From a legal point of vie... read more
Positioning on Trends of the Accounting Modeling Process
Accounting modeling is frequently debated among theoreticians and practitioners in accounting and often causes controversies even in the academic environment. These are based mainly on different views on the limits of freedom and conformity in developing treatments of economic operations. ... read more
Impact of Population Ageing on the Labor Market
UE population is undergoing an intense process of ageing because of the considerable progresses of the society and concretized in a mortality rate substantially reduced and a higher life expectancy. The average lifetime of the Union is now of 39.8 years, but according to an Eurostat estima... read more
The Management of Stress in SMEs
Understanding the sources of generating stress for employees, management actually begins the process of identifying problems their company. Stress affects the human brain, its functioning, because the brain's ability to function is closely correlated with the emotional state.  When, a... read more