Scientific Education
Possible journal topics of interest include Business Economics and Information Technology as follow but not limited to:

Business Economics
Business Theories, Contemporary Research in Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Finance, Corporate Governance, Investment, Insurance, Risk Management, Project Management, Financial Reporting, Accounting, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Advertising, Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Human Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Business Research Methods, Supply Chain Management, Engineering Management, Development economics, Ecological economics, Economic sociology, Environmental economics, Financial economics, Forensic economics, Industrial organization, Information economics, Institutional economics, International economics, Labour economics, Managerial economics, Mathematical economics, Monetary economics, Public finance, Resource economics, Retail economics, Transport economics, Welfare economics, General Financial Markets, Portfolio Choice, Asset Pricing, Contingent Pricing, Futures Pricing, Banks, Other Depository Institutions, Insurance, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Other Private Financial Institutions, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Brokerage, Government Policy and Regulation, Corporate Finance and Governance, Information and Market Efficiency, International Financial Markets, Government Policy and Regulation, Financial Institutions and Services, Capital Budgeting, Investment Policy, Financing .Policy, Capital and Ownership Structure, Bankruptcy, Liquidation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Payout Policy, Globalization: General Trade, Commercial Policy, Protection, Promotion, Trade Negotiations, Country and Industry Studies of Trade, Economic Integration, Trade and Labor Market Interactions, Trade and Environment, International Factor Movements and International Business, International Investment, Long-Term Capital Movements, Industrial organizations, Institutional Economics.

Information Technology
Computational linguistics, Computer science, Cybernetics, Information science, Library science, Social Impact of Technology Development, Green IT and Green Organization, E- Business and Internet Computing, International Business Strategies and Information Technology, E-Commerce issues, trends, and case studies, E-Learning, e-Training, and e-Teams, E-Human Resources, Enterprise Systems (ERP) and Industry Solutions, Object-Oriented Database Systems, Data Warehouses and Data Mining, Software engineering of e-business systems, Data Mining techniques, Knowledge extraction and search, Semantic Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Collaborative Systems, Computer Networks, CRM, Data Compression, Data Structures, Databases, Decision Support Systems, Distributed Systems, Document Management, E- Society, E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Learning, ERP, Image Processing, Information Systems, IT Audit, IT Economics, IT Security, Mobile Solutions, Multimedia, Programming Languages, Project Management, Quantitative methods, Software Engineering, Software Metrics, Software Optimization, Software Quality, Software Testing, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Telecommunication, Web Development, Web Technology.